Mercedes teaches everyday people how to apply powerful strategies and use proven principles to shift their mindset to build their business, get more sales, raise more money, improve their relationships and live a more peaceful and productive life.

Mercedes L. Miller

You and I Have Connected For A Reason.

I believe it is because you, like me, know that you have the power to speak things into existence, to create the life you desire and experience the financial freedom with it. 

I know what it’s like to be stuck decreeing and declaring and praying and doing everything they said to do and getting little if any results. I know what it is like to go through the motions of everything that is seemingly faith in action and yet the manifestation still has not appeared. I know what it is like to manifest money and opportunities for everyone else…make everyone else’s dreams a reality and still be awaiting the great harvest promised to me. 

You see, I was once mis-applying my power, too. I spent years applying the principles for my clients and seeing their six and seven figure blessings made manifest. I deeply desire to shift my focus to expand my ability to help more individuals make their dream a reality and thus expanding and manifesting the vision for my own life that allowed my legacy to be known and not in the shadows of someone else’s great manifestation. 

So, after nearly two decades of consulting and training for both for profit and non-profit entities - some with budgets of more than $100 million - where I built and managed relationships while covertly helping them manage their minds and manifest what they want…

I decided to come from the shadows and help “everyday people” who want go from barely making it 

to living comfortably and truly excelling. 


Because I didn’t want to wake up one day and realize there were so many more people whose lives I could have impacted…I wanted to openly share the proven principles and practical application to help people pay their bills on time, gain peace on their jobs, expand their entrepreneurial endeavors and actually generate revenue worth counting, have emergency funds when the car breaks down, when the roof leaks, when the insurance doesn’t cover the medication, actually give what they want to give to the church or the non-profit instead of what they are barely able to give. I decided to push past my own stuff and LOUDLY work in my purpose. 

My years in the shadows were not wasted; I applied the techniques I’d learned in the corporate world and in the non-profit arena to grow and expand my own business…

Within six months of coming out of the darkness and into the marvelous life, I successfully converted silent, secret work into helping people shift to obtain new jobs, new cars, new homes, new relationships and renewed love for all they already had. My true legacy began…

And Now, YES, I Want To Help You…

Today, I teach everyday people how to apply powerful strategies and using proven principles to shift their mindset, transform their mind all while positively impacting their desires to build their business, get more sales, raise more money, improve their relationships and live a more peaceful and productive life — all while serving their greater purpose and building their own legacy. 

I help aspiring and emerging individuals (just like you!) gain the confidence and clarity to move into a place of peace and prosperity on their own terms by their own definition Ready to join me? I am so excited to meet you…

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Mercedes L. Miller

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